20% Cashback On All LED Lighting At Critical Mass Systems


As a huge thank you to all our customers at Critical Mass Systems, we’re offering an incredible 20% cashback on all LED lighting bought from us.

If you’re thinking of making the switch to LED lighting set then there really is no better time. With summer approaching, temperatures will rise. It’s at this time that indoor growers must be ready to handle the heat.

If you want the best results possible then it’s time to invest in LED lighting technology. And that’s why we’re giving you 20% cashback to spend in-store when you purchase your LED light from Critical Mass Systems.

Our Range of LED light systems:

You could receive over £300 cashback to spend at our Sheffield store when you upgrade to LED lighting.

We are currently stocking all the Maxibright Daylight LEDs and the Lumatek Attis and Zeus models.

And we are taking pre-orders for the soon-to-be-released Lumatek 1000w Extreme PPFD Co2.

The Lumatek is set to break recent records with how much can be achieved with LED lighting. Featuring 2.9umol/J and delivering 1000w of beautiful bright energy, we’re really excited to see what these glorious LED chips can do.

We currently have the Maxibright LEDs set up on display, if you'd like to see how bright these lights really are, just call into our Sheffield store, where we'll be thrilled to provide a demonstration.


But don’t forget your shades - these bad boys are mega bright!



Why not take a look at our Guide to Growing with LED Lights to see just how easy making the switch really is?



How to Take Advantage of Our Massive Cashback Offer

You can easily achieve cooler, quieter rooms and better yields time after time by simply swapping out your existing HPS lighting. The best time to make these changes is between cycles when you can empty your room and set up fresh with LEDs.

It’s during this time that growers are faced with the expense of buying new coco or other media and replenishing nutrient supplies. Or, maybe even upgrading your grow tent to make room for the new lights and bigger yields.

With our in-store credit back offer you’ll have the funds to do this - making the investment in LED technology an affordable transition.

For instance, you can get £180 cashback when you purchase the Maxibright Daylight 660w Pro in-store from Critical Mass Systems. This gives you the chance to upgrade your tent to the ever-reliable Budbox Pro 1.2x1.2 and still have credit to burn.

Or, if you’re in need of some Canna Boost then your credit will more than cover the cost of a 5L Canna Boost Accelerator.

Browse through our complete range of LED light systems or get in touch with us today.