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Say hello to the box of 18 Grodan Big Mama Rockwool blocks! Indoor growers have waited a long time for these outstanding Rockwool cubes to become available to the UK market. The huge 8-inch cubes have twice the volume of the ever-popular Grodan Hugo Blocks and are extensively used in the USA to bring medium-sized plants to full maturity.

Benefits of Big Mama Rockwool Cubes

  • Big enough for a plant to complete its full lifecycle
  • Allows you to place a smaller Rockwool cube on top
  • No pre-cut hole gives plants a place to sit on top
  • Ideal for Wilma and drip-based hydroponics systems
  • Comes in a box of 18 eight-inch growing blocks

Also available as single growing cubes.

How to Use the Big Mama Growing Cubes

Big Mama growing cubes are made of Rockwool - the perfect substrate for growing your plants. This is because Rockwool has the ideal air to water ratio and nutrient-holding capabilities, allowing for rapid and strong growth.

Arriving at a massive 8” square, the Big Mama growing cubes are the biggest made by Grodan and contain twice the amount of wool in the ever-popular Hugo Block. And the lack of a pre-cut hole means you can simply put a young plant on top once it’s outgrown its current grow block.

Using Big Mama Cubes with Hydroponics

The 18-pack of Big Mama Rockwool cubes are well suited to a top-fed drip system on a run-to-waste or recirculating set-up. However, they can be incorporated into flood and drain systems and even be hand-fed with small plants.

For medium growers, we recommend using Big Mama Rockwool blocks with the Wilma 4 Pot System or larger Wilma 8 Pot System

But serious growers will want to check out our range of FloraFlex Big Mamma Rockwool drip systems – carefully designed to achieve outstanding results in small, medium and large-scale indoor grow spaces.

More Information

If you’d like more information on setting up and maintaining a drip system, read through our blog - 'Growing With Drip Irrigation.

Or, if you prefer you can get in touch with Critical Mass Systems in Sheffield for expert advice and full system hydroponics design ideas.


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