Box of 18 Big Mama Blocks

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1 box = 18 x Big Mama blocks!


Introducing the long awiaited to the Uk market Grodan Big Mama Rockwool blocks! These huge 8 inch blocks have twice the volume of the ever popular Grodan Hugo Blocks and are extensively used in the USA to bring medium sized plants to full maturity.


Rockwool is an ideal substrate for growing your plants thanks to its perfect air to water ratio and nutrient holding capabilities, growth is fast and strong. Ideal to use with a top fed drip system on a run-to-waste or recirculating set up but can be incorporated into flood and drain systems and even be hand fed with small plants.


4 of these blocks fit perfectly into a Wilma 4 Pot System or use 8 in the larger Wilma 8 Pot System


Watch this space for our own 'Big Mama Critical Drip System' coming soon - incorporating the small baseline trays to makle a low level run to waste drip system ideal for the Big Mama blocks.


For more information on setting up and maintaining a drip system check out our blog - 'Growing With Drip Irrigation' or get in touch for expert advice and full system design ideas.



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