Maxibright Tube Fan

Size: 150mm
Power: A1
Sale price£59.95


These workhorse extraction fans from maxibright are available from 100mm up to 250mm with enough power to handle reasonable lengths of ducting and the addition of a carbon filter without too much drop in airflow. They offer a great solution for reliable ventilation at a very reasonable price.


Available in the follwing sizes and airflows:


4"/100mm - 280m3/h

5"/125mm - 360m3/h

6"A1/150mm - 600 m3/h

6"L1/150mm - 760m3/h

8"A1/200mm -800m3/h

8"L1/200mm - 950m3/h

10"L1/250mm - 1300m3/h



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