Newa Therm Pro Water Heaters

Wattage: 100w
Sale price£24.95


Glass water heaters are a hazard, they are often breaking either from thermal shock when tanks run low or damaged accidently as they're not very durable. These heaters from Newa are extremely tough - not made from glass! They handle the stresses of a grow room environment much better and the odd knock wont damage them. They cost a bit more than their glass cousins but are worth every penny.

Cold nutrient temperatures can shock your plants and really slow growth in both hydro systems and plants grown in pots that are hand fed, pre heat your water to a nice 18-20 degrees celsius and your plants will really appreciate it.


Available in 3 sizes to suit most tanks:

150w - heats up to 200l tanks/water butts

200w - heats up to 250l tanks/water butts

250w - heats up to 300l tanks/water butts

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