Street Light LED -680w 2.7umol PPFD 1750

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Incredible price for a limited time just £699.99!


Set to make some serious waves in the LED grow light market we are happy to introduce to you the 680w Street Light LED, producing a whopping 2.7µmol/J and 1750 µmol/s PPF using top quality LEDs. 


This incredible full-spectrum grow light is ideal for all stages of growth from early vegetative growth through to harvest. Ideal to use over a 1.2m to 1.5m square growing area it has 6 light bars with the driver contained in the unit. You simply fold out the light hang it up, plug it in and your ready for incredible yields, better quality crops and easy stress free growing thanks to the low heat output.


Integral dimmer built in or can be used with a range of external LED controllers for better control and automatic dimming features.


These Light are available at incredible prices Starting from £699.99 - Get in touch for the best deals on this and our other leds today!




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