Web-it Plant Support

Length: 120cm x 120cm
Sale price£8.95


These high quality support nets from Secret Jardin are perfect for fitting to grow tents and come in a multitude of sizes to suit your grow space.


  • Quality white design
  • Slim hooks fit all tent poles
  • Thinner mesh material than many nets so create less shadowing
  • Large sizes available up to 1.5m x 3m
  • Use multiple nets connected together to fit even larger spaces 


Many plants naturally want to grow tall and this is great outside in the natural world, the intensity of the sun isnt going to change between the top of the plant and the bottom and the fruits will be a good size all over. With indoor growing where we rely on the lights we use to replace the sun life isnt like this, the difference in light intensity is often huge over small distances.

To get the best results indoors many growers 'top' their plants by taking out the main leading stem when plants are young. This creates multiple branching, they then use a support net or 'scrog net' to manipulate their plants shape to achieve a level canopy and fill their grow space effectively this net also then supports the branches under the weight of the heavy fruits.


*Often growers use 2 levels of nets in a grow space the first during vegetative growth to manipulate the plant and stretch out the branches to fill the grow area and the second higher up to support the plants when they fruit.


Sizes available:

90cm x 90xm

120cm x 120cm

150cm x 150cm

120cm x 240cm

150cm x 300cm

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