Premiair Xstreem Dehumidifier 20L

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During the later stages of flower dehumidification is needed in almost every grow room particularly when using LED lighting.

High humidity has several disadvantages:

Moulds such as Botrytis and Powdery mildew love high humidity and humidity over 60% in the later stages of flower is a sure fire recipe for losing much of your lovely crop to Botrytis, keep humidity in the 40-50% range during th last 3-4 weeks of flower.

High humidity can limit your plants transpiration rates (the rate at which leaves lose water to the air) which can restrict nutrient uptake and transportation of nutrients around the plant.


These top quality dehumidifiers work in a range of temperatures and have a constant drain outlet so you can attach to a drain or a bucket etc so you dont have to empty them every day.


Built in humidistat allowing you to set the desired humidity in a grow space or caonstant running function regardless of humidity.

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