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Maxibright Daylight 660w pro LEDMaxibright Daylight 660w pro LED
Maxibright Maxibright Daylight 660w pro LED
Sale price£779.95
In stock
Maxibright Juno 720w 1800 PPFDMaxibright Juno 720w 1800 PPFD
Maxibright Maxibright Juno 720w 1800 PPFD
Sale price£649.95
In stock
Lumii Growroom Glasses
LUMII Lumii Growroom Glasses
Sale price£9.95
In stock, 2 units
Maxibright 600w HPS Dual Spectrum Lamp
Maxibright Maxibright 600w HPS Dual Spectrum Lamp
Sale price£18.95
In stock, 89 units
Pulsar 600w Digital Ballast
IV:XX Pulsar 600w Digital Ballast
Sale price£54.95
In stock, 51 units
600w digi kit -SUNMASTER BULB600w digi kit -SUNMASTER BULB
Not specified 600w digi kit -SUNMASTER BULB
Sale price£79.99
In stock, 51 units
Puisar 600w Digital Lighting Kit w/ FREE Light HangerPuisar 600w Digital Lighting Kit w/ FREE Light Hanger
Maxibright Daylight 300w Pro LED 2.5 u/molMaxibright Daylight 300w Pro LED 2.5 u/mol
Dio-Tech 830w LEDDio-Tech 830w LED
ControLED Dio-Tech 830w LED
Sale priceFrom £189.95
In stock
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Plug to IEC 3mtr Cable Length 10A
Not specified Plug to IEC 3mtr Cable Length 10A
Sale price£7.95
In stock, 19 units
Maxibright Daylight 315w CMH Lamp
Daylight CMH/CDM 600w 3k E40 Lamp
Venture Metal Halide 400w
venture lighting Venture Metal Halide 400w
Sale price£26.95
Sold out
Sunmaster Metal Halide
Sunmaster Sunmaster Metal Halide
Sale priceFrom £29.95
In stock, 2 units
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Maxiswitch Pro 24hr Timer
Maxibright Maxiswitch Pro 24hr Timer
Sale price£10
In stock, 4 units
Maxibright Daylight 1030w Pro LEDMaxibright Daylight 1030w Pro LED
Maxibright Maxibright Daylight 1030w Pro LED
Sale price£1,349.95
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Infrared Thermometer
Not specified Infrared Thermometer
Sale price£29.95
In stock, 6 units
Lumatek Zeus 1000w Xtreme PPFD LEDLumatek Zeus 1000w Xtreme PPFD LED
Lumatek Lumatek Zeus 1000w Xtreme PPFD LED
Sale price£1,549.95
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Maxibright Daylight Lighting ControllerMaxibright Daylight Lighting Controller
Maxibright Daylight iLink Cable
Maxibright Maxibright Daylight iLink Cable
Sale price£12.50
In stock
IWS Flood & Drain Remote TimerIWS Flood & Drain Remote Timer
Not specified IWS Flood & Drain Remote Timer
Sale price£134.95
In stock, 2 units
IWS Dripper Minute Timer
IWS IWS Dripper Minute Timer
Sale price£99.95
Sold out
Maxibright Pro ContactorMaxibright Pro Contactor
Maxibright Maxibright Pro Contactor
Sale priceFrom £89.95
In stock, 4 units
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Lumatek LED Daisy Chain Link Cable 5mtr

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