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Ecothrive Neutralise
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Propagator Large Garland High TopPropagator Large Garland High Top
Garland Propagator Large Garland High Top
Sale priceFrom £5.95
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Garden HighPro Probox PropagatorGarden HighPro Probox Propagator
Garden HighPro Garden HighPro Probox Propagator
Sale priceFrom £39.95
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Clonex 50ml
Growth Technology Clonex 50ml
Sale price£9.95
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Jiffy 7'sJiffy 7's
Jiffy Jiffy 7's
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Four Two Zero Propagation Tent
Four Two Zero Four Two Zero Propagation Tent
Sale priceFrom £39.95
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Grodan SBS Cutting Cubes - SmallGrodan SBS Cutting Cubes - Small
Grodan Grodan SBS Cutting Cubes - Small
Sale priceFrom £10.95
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Basic Seed and Cutting Starter Kit - RockwoolBasic Seed and Cutting Starter Kit - Rockwool
Ecothrive BiosysEcothrive Biosys
Ecothrive Ecothrive Biosys
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Vitalink Plant start
Vitalink Vitalink Plant start
Sale priceFrom £5.95
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Eazy Plug Tray
eazy plug Eazy Plug Tray
Sale priceFrom £6.95
In stock, 8 units
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Evoponic Rapid Roots 50ml
evoponic Evoponic Rapid Roots 50ml
Sale price£10.95
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Athena Stack
Not specified Athena Stack
Sale priceFrom £99.95
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Plant Labels x20
Not specified Plant Labels x20
Sale price£2.50
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Jiffy Cell Tray
Jiffy Jiffy Cell Tray
Sale price£8.95
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Clonex MistClonex Mist
Growth Technology Clonex Mist
Sale priceFrom £7.95
In stock, 7 units
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Not specified Seramis
Sale priceFrom £2
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Garden HighPro LED T5Garden HighPro LED T5
Garden HighPro Garden HighPro LED T5
Sale priceFrom £189.95
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Neoprene collar 50mm
x stream Neoprene collar 50mm
Sale price£0.50
In stock, 79 units
Ultimate Micro Greens Kit
Not specified Ultimate Micro Greens Kit
Sale price£799.95
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T5 Replacement Tube
Not specified T5 Replacement Tube
Sale priceFrom £10.95
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Propagation Tent Kit - Medium (Root Riot)
Propagation Tent Kit - Medium (Rockwool)
Budget Propagator - 58 x 39 x 23cmBudget Propagator - 58 x 39 x 23cm
Not specified Budget Propagator - 58 x 39 x 23cm
Sale price£7.95
In stock, 5 units

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