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Root Mass Fabric Pot
Root Mass Root Mass Fabric Pot
Sale priceFrom £0.55
In stock, 1906 units
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Square PotSquare Pot
Not specified Square Pot
Sale priceFrom £0.50
In stock, 1478 units
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8 Outlet Manifold M.BSP
Not specified 8 Outlet Manifold M.BSP
Sale price£3.89
In stock, 3 units
IWS Pot Filter Copper Mesh
Not specified IWS Pot Filter Copper Mesh
Sale price£3.90
In stock, 8 units
Autopot 13mm-6mm T connector
Autopot Autopot 13mm-6mm T connector
Sale price£1
In stock, 18 units
Anti Siphon Valve
IWS Anti Siphon Valve
Sale priceFrom £4.50
In stock, 48 units
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Iceline Rolls
Medusa Iceline Rolls
Sale priceFrom £0
In stock, 543 units
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Green Hosepipe 30m
IV:XX Green Hosepipe 30m
Sale price£24.95
In stock, 8 units
IWS Spanner
IWS IWS Spanner
Sale price£2
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IWS Float Switch
IWS IWS Float Switch
Sale price£17.95
In stock, 3 units
Single Inlet 13mm to 5mm
Not specified Single Inlet 13mm to 5mm
Sale price£1
In stock, 30 units
Maxijet PumpsMaxijet Pumps
Maxijet Maxijet Pumps
Sale priceFrom £25.95
In stock, 6 units
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Barbed Elbow
Not specified Barbed Elbow
Sale priceFrom £0.40
In stock, 159 units
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Baseline Tray
Medusa Baseline Tray
Sale priceFrom £7.50
In stock, 138 units
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Barbed Tee
Not specified Barbed Tee
Sale priceFrom £0.50
In stock, 72 units
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Barbed Reducer 19mm-13mm
Nutriculture Barbed Reducer 19mm-13mm
Sale price£0.60
In stock, 37 units
Not specified Barbed Inline Filter
Sale priceFrom £3.95
In stock, 9 units
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Autopot 13mm-4mm Cross Connector
Autopot Autopot 13mm-4mm Cross Connector
Sale price£1
In stock, 43 units
ATU - Auto Top Up Kit
Nutriculture ATU - Auto Top Up Kit
Sale price£18.95
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Flexi Pipe 13mm
Nutriculture Flexi Pipe 13mm
Sale priceFrom £1.45
In stock, 30 units
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LDPE Supply Tube
Nutriculture LDPE Supply Tube
Sale priceFrom £0.55
In stock, 80 units
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Hosetail Connectors
Nutriculture Hosetail Connectors
Sale price£1
In stock, 140 units
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Non Return Valve 13mm
Nutriculture Non Return Valve 13mm
Sale price£5.95
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