Critical Mass Systems Hydroponics is a recently formed Company combining over 25 years experience in the Sheffield hydroponics industry including retail, wholesale and research and development. Founded by Ian and Colin after working for some of the best, and one of the largest companies in the industry we have a wealth of experience and knowledge and are able to provide the best service and advice available.


 Add to that training from some of the best minds in the industry such as Gavita, Biobizz and Ecothrive to name just a few, and years of serving the local growing community means we have probably encountered most scenarios you are likely to experience in a growing environment. We can help you get the best out of your garden.


We specialise in full room design and consultation and offer bespoke kits and suggestions to suit your room size, growing experience and budget.


Drop in for a chat and a brew and see how we can improve your results or get you started from scratch.