Use the drop down menu below Growing Media to access the different types of media available. You will find propagation blocks/media within the propagation section.

This section contains all the media you need from organic soils to inert hydroponic media options. We can provide you with a great choice whatever media you choose to use.

Coco -

Coco is the most popular media on the market it contains no nutrients, unless they have been added such as the awesome Ecothrive coco and coco mixes, Its easy to use and maintain and is most peoples first experience with growing nowadays. you can use just pure coco such as the Canna Coco and the Ecothrive Coco (with added charge) or you can use pre -mixed with another media such as perlite or clay pebbles.



Organic soils - We stock some awesome organic soils and organic amendments including the ever popular and reliable Biobizz soils and Ecothrive Super Soil. We love organic growing and have plenty of experience to advise you on any aspect of it.



Hydroponic media - 

Hydroponic media such as clay pebbles or rockwool is completely inert (holds no nutrition whatsoever) making it ideal for precision control of the water and nutrients that your plants receive.