Perfect propagation of seeds or cuttings is essential for a healthy harvest they are the building blocks of your crop and if they are not the best neither will be your end result.

Our propagation section contains a collection of products chosen to get you the best propagation results possible.

Propagation Lighting - seeds and cuttings only need a gentle light of the right spectrum to get rooted, your main lights would be way too intense for them. Having a specific propagation,light is essential for perfect cuttings and seedlings.

Propagators - We stock a range range of standard heated and unheated propagators and aeroponic propagators for easily automated rooting of cuttings.



Propagation Media and Accessories - Rockwool propagation blocks, Jiffys, light soils and other propagation accessories including heat mats, rooting hormones and scalpels.


Propagation Nutrient and Boosters - Cutting and seedling specific nutrients and boosters including root stimulants to get your propagation rocking.


Propagation Grow Tents - tents designed specifically for propagation.

Propagation Kits- Propagation kits including full propagation tent kits and smaller kits with and without propagation lights.