12 Pot XL Hand Watering Kit - standard

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Hand watering large pots is an extremely effective and reliable method of indoor growing, it does however create some issues that need to be thought about. Coco growers, and soil growers to a lesser extent, experience the best results when they top feed their pots to full saturation and achieve 20% up to 30% run-off. This run-off is great as it removes any build up of excess nutrient from your plants rootzone, it also removes root exudates (substances secreted by your plants roots). However getting rid of this waste isnt always easy especially with large numbers of plants.


Many growers choose to remove what they can, to some extent, from saucers or trays beneath the pots which can be a messy time consuming job. Some growers leave the run-off to be re-absorbed by the plants. Leaving plants to sit in their own waste isnt ideal -add a run-off system to your hand watered pots and experience better results with less work, it also makes flushing your plants at the end or in the event of a nutrient build up much easier.


The run off leaves the stand/tray via the attached 25mm iceline pipe and runs into the baseline brain provided, as the level rises in the brain the float switch activates the pump which can pump the waste to a separate tank (not provided) or straight down a drain if available nearby.


Complete with the large Medusa baseline trays all pipework and connections needed and the standard or fastline baseline brain, dependant on system size.


Available in 4 to 36 pot versions these hand water kits dont come with pots but will take any of our plastic pots or the recomended Root Mass fabric pots up to 39 litre, allowing you to choose what pot size suits your grow. 

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