24 Pot FloraFlex Big Mama Drip Kit - high pressure

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The Complete 24-Pot Indoor Watering System for Plants

Bringing you the FloraFlex 24-Pot Drip Kit – the best drip watering system available in the UK today. Or at least that’s what we think! Whether you’re a greenhouse grower or working with indoor tents, the new FloraFlex Big Mama Rockwool Drip System makes feeding your plants simple and efficient, and provides effective protection against algae issues.

Features of the Floraflex Big Mama Drip Kit:

  • 24-pot indoor watering systems with even feed distribution
  • FloraCaps Rockwool covers protect your plants against algae
  • Drip Kit works with recirculating and drip-to-waste systems
  • Kit includes a 400l water tank and 24 Big Mama Rockwool blocks
  • The complete solution for rapid growth and high yielding plants


For expert advice on indoor growing and on how to use drip feed irrigation systems correctly, take a look at our useful guide to Growing With Drip Irrigation.

The Complete FloraFlex Drip Feed System Set-Up

This exceptional indoor automatic drip-feeding system brings together irrigation fittings from renowned US manufacturer FloraFlex and the Grodan Big Mama Rockwool blocks.

The feed system sends the nutrient solution from the 400l water tank via a high-pressure irrigation pump to the plants growing on the Rockwool blocks.

The inclusion of the FloraFlex FloraCaps guarantees an even distribution of the nutrient solution while protecting the top of your Rockwool blocks from algae – a common issue experienced by indoor growers when using Rockwool.

Once the feed has been delivered, water runoff heads through the baseline stand to the baseline brains, which then pumps the water to a waste tank or recirculates on the next feed– depending on how you prefer to set up.

Each Grodan Big Mama block is covered by a FloraFlex Stacker when the 6-inch Rockwool block is placed on top.

And, if you need, these caps can easily be swapped for 4-inch FloraCaps when stacking the 4-inch Grodan Hugo Rockwool blocks upon of the Big Mamas too.


Note: To use this system correctly, you first need to grow your plants on the Grodan Hugo Rockwool blocks (not included)


Included in the Kit:

  • 24 Big Mama Rockwool blocks
  • 400l flexible tank
  • 24 grow pots
  • 6-inch FloraCaps
  • Digital timer
  • Irrigation fittings
  • 25mm runoff pipe

Why Choose Rockwool for Indoor Growing

Rockwool is a hydroponic substrate that promotes healthy growth and helps plants thrive indoors. It’s a great option for indoor growers throughout the UK and the rest of the world.

Rockwool has a perfect air-to-water ratio, giving growers the power to take total control over feed times and EC/pH levels – in turn, this gives delivers far superior yields of incredible quality.

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