24 Pot FloraFlex Big Mama Drip Kit - high pressure

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This drip system uses some irrigation fittings from the US manufacturer FloraFlex paired with Grodan Big Mama rockwool blocks. Nutrient solution is delivered via a high pressure irrigation pump to each of the Big Mama grow blocks onto the FloraFlex FloraCaps allowing for even distributon of the solution whilst protecting the top of your rockwool blocks from the dreaded algae associated with rockwool growing.


Each Grodan Big Mama block comes with the FloraFlex stackers to cover the exposed rockwool when 6 inch rockwool block is placed on top, they come with 6 inch FloraCaps as standard but can be swapped out for 4 inch Floracaps to use when stacking the 4 inch Grodan Hugo rockwool blocks on top of the Big Mamas.

Run off flows through the Baseline stands and down the large 25mm run-off pipe to the Baseline brain which then pumps it to a waste tank or drain, or back to the same reservoir if you prefer to run a recirulating system.

Included with the 24 pot system is a 400l flexible tank, 24 Big Mama rockwool blocks and all the irrigation fittings you need including a digital timer!


You need your plants to first be grown on in Grodan Hugo rockwool blocks for this system (not included).


Rockwool is a the great hydroponic substrate that plants grow fast in and yields are huge thanks to it having the perfect air-water ratio and allowing precise control of feed times and EC/pH levels.


For more information on growing with a drip system check out our blog post 'Growing With Drip Irrigation'.

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