25mm Complete High Pressure Filter Set

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Complete filter set for attaching to a high pressure pump to make bespoke drip systems. Used in our own full drip system kits and can be used in any DIY 25mm drip set up using the 25mm Ice Line tubing.

120 micron internal filter screen ensures no large sediment gets to your drip lines helping to prevent blockages. Remove internal screen and clean regularly in a quality cleaning product such as Silver Bullet Roots or Growth Technology Liquid Oxygen (Oxy+).

These filter sets feature a top quality high pressure ball valve for regulating the flow to your drippers and the filter has a return to tank outlet with a flow control tap giving you two ways to fine tune the desired pressure and helps to keep the filter clean.

Above the filter and ball vlave is a 25mm anti-siphon valve ensuring that when your pump turns off the barrel doesnt carry on emptying, this valve has to be positioned above the water level inside the tank in order to have access to air that will break the siphoning action.

Above the anti siphon valve are two barbed elbows to get the pipe up and over the side of the tank you then simply connect more 25mm ice line to the last elbow and run into your grow space to your dripper manifolds.


We love drip systems here at Critical Mass and we are more than happy to help guide you through the entire set up process and design to fit your individual grow space.

Drop by for a free consultation and well help you get your feed system automated meaning more time for you to spend on looking after your beautiful plants.

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