3kw Fan Heater

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Top quality 3KW fan heater with 2 heat and a fan only setting just for air circulation, integral thermostat included but for better control pair with our Lighthouse Wireless Thermostat.


Heating your grow room is essential for the best plant growth and top yields. Ideally your room should drop by about 5 degrees in the dark period, meaning if your room runs at a typical 26-28C you need a night time temperature (dark period) of around 21-23C, even in the warmer months this can be hard to achieve with the air flow from filtration systems etc and in winter its simply not going to happen without a heating option. 

Fan heaters have the added advantage over oil-filled radiators of lowering humidity due to the dry heat created. This is great news as less dehumidification is required in the later stages of flowering to prevent moulds such as botrytis ruining your efforts.



2kw fan heater

Manual thermostat built in

3 settings - full heat, half heat, fan only.

Strong robust construction

Compact size

Ideal to use with the lighthouse wireless thermostat



Check out the following video for a guide to different heater types!



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