420 Flexitank

Type: 100L IWS No Tap
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Advantages of the 420 FlexiTank

  • A sealed water tank for both domestic and commercial usage
  • FlexiTank makes transportation easy and reduces storage cost
  • Made of high-quality materials that will last many seasons
  • Quick and easy to assemble and fits where other tanks can’t
  • Comes in different sizes to suit various water storage needs

Make Water Storage Easy with Flexible Water Tanks

Revolutionise your water storage options with the 420 FlexiTank. Designed to give growers an easy ride, FlexiTanks offer trouble-free transport, even in small vehicles, and will fit in places traditional water butts can’t.

Their convenience eliminates the need for expensive shipping costs and makes moving to different locations easy. And when not in use, you can pack the flexible water tanks down and comfortably store them out of the way.

Furthermore, their high-quality design and tough materials mean the FlexiTank will withstand years of good water storage. And the option of a tap-less tank stops any chance of accidental leaks through knocking the tap.


420 FlexiTanks are perfect to use as part of your indoor watering systems for plants, such as FloraFlex Drip Systems.


FlexiTank Capacity Options:

We stock a range of water tanks with different capacities to suit your needs:

  • 100l FlexiTank
  • 250l FlexiTank
  • 400l FlexiTank

How does the FlexiTank Work?

A FlexiTank is an airtight, collapsible water tank that’s made of high-grade flexible material. Easy to assemble in a matter of minutes, the tank includes support poles that inset into the FlexiTank’s sides sleeves. Once assembled, you can stand the tank upright, move it to its position and fill it with water.

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