600w digi kit -SUNMASTER BULB

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The Pulsar Digital Lighting Kit comes complete with a Sunmaster Dual Spectrum 600w bulb, eurowing reflector and also includes a free set of ratchet light hangers.

Dimmable output - 250w/400w/600w/600w boost

The adjustable output allows you to run at lower wattage for young plants or turn your lights down for the hot weeks of summer to avoid overheating your plants.

Note - before dimming or boosting a new 600w bulb it is best to run it at 600w for a total of 100 hours before dimming down otherwise it can permanently damage the bulbs output.


600w HID lighting has been the mainstay for growers for many years before the introduction of more efficient LED options but they still represent great value for money and are a cheap option for getting into indoor growing or where multiple light fixtures are needed.


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