8 Pot XL Hand Water PRO Kit

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Hand watering is possibly the most pouplar method for indoor growing, done right it can be one of the most productive and problem free ways of growing. Our Hand water pro kits take it to the next level and are ideal for beginners and pros alike. They feature the same baseline run-off trays as in our Critical Drip Systems for effortless run-off/waste removal meaning your plants are never sat in their own waste causing soggy roots and slow growth.

Complete with an appropriate sized flexi tank with an Aquaking Pump and a good amount of 13mm iceline to suit, this connects to a Telescopic Watering Lance making watering all your plants quickly and effectively much more easy!

Hand watering with jugs or a watering can is a constant pain and often doesnt spread the applied nutrient solution evenly throughout the pot, using the telescopic watering lance attached to the pump not only makes hand watering a breeze it also applies the nutrient solution a bit like a shower head evenly spreading it across the surface of your coco/soil which soaks the entire pot more effectively.


Available from 6-36 pots to suit all room sizes.


The XL systems come with 30l Root Mass fabric pots as standard on the large baseline trays, these can be upgraded to 39l pots if required and bespoke systems can be made to order. If the sizes listed here arent right for your set up get in touch and we will happily make a specific version to suit your needs. Want smaller pots? Want bigger pots? Want a different layout or a bigger system? get in touch the possibilities with this system are endless. 


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