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Aeroponic propagation allows for fast hassle free rooting of cuttings in a self sustaining environment with no need for media.

The X-stream aeroponic propagators come in a variety of sizes to suit your propagation needs.

How does it work?

Firstly you need to assemble the propagator following the instructions provided and fill with dechlorinated water, add a young plant nutrient such as Vitalink Plant Start or Formulex at the lower dilution rate and add a good quality root stimulant such as Vitalink Root Stim. Then turn on the pump so the sprinkler system is active and creating the perfect aeroponic environment for the cuttings you are about to take, you may need to adjust the level of the sprinkler system and often the position of the sprinklers by twisting them slightly to get an even distribution of spray.

Place the insert tray into the propagator and insert the net pots and neoprene collars.

The cuttings are taken and placed into the slit in the neoprene collars with about an inch or two of bare stem sticking out beneath the collar. These are then inserted into the moulded plastic insert tray - you dont have to use all the spaces you can simply insert a collar with no cutting into any you aren't using. 

When you have taken all the cuttings you require and filled the gaps with neoprene collars you then place the lid on with the vents closed to begin with. Hang a suitable propagagtion light over it such as the Lightwave T5 propagagtion lights. The humidity that is produced from the sprinklers underneath is normally enough to keep the propagator sufficiently misted but you may want to spray the inside of the lid to begin with.

Thats it you just need to check the levels and change the water/nutrient every 5-7 days but often you will see rooted cuttings within a week to ten days.

Transplanting from aeroponic propagators isn't quite as straight forward as using media or a cutting block for more info on the next stage feel free to get in touch or check our information area for transplanting tips.


  • Incredibly fast rooting
  • low maintenance
  • Increased nutrient uptake
  • Ideal for transplanting into a hydroponic system or pots of soil or coco.


Available in 20 site, 40 site or 120 site versions.


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