Apollo 600w HPS Kit

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The Apollo 600w HPS Kit is the perfect choice for high-quality professional-grade lighting. Get your Apollo 600w HPS Kit today and start growing healthier, more vibrant plants!

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Included in the Apollo 600w HPS Kit:

  • 600w bulb: Provides the perfect mix of light for optimal plant growth.
  • 600w magnetic ballast: Regulates power and ensures consistent performance.
  • Euro wing light reflector: Evenly distributes the light and improves its overall effectiveness.

Upgrade your grow room lighting with the Apollo 600w HPS Kit. This professional-grade lighting solution is perfect for greenhouses, grow tents, and other plant-growing environments. The kit includes a 600w bulb, a 600w magnetic ballast, Eurowing light reflector, providing the perfect mix of light for optimal plant growth.


* Buy your Apollo 600w HPS Kit from Critical Mass Systems and qualify for our free UK delivery. We also offer a price-match guarantee – if you find a cheaper deal, we’ll beat it!

Benefits Of Growing With the Apollo 600w HPS Kit:

HPS bulbs are an ideal choice for growing plants due to their high efficiency and their ability to provide intense, full-spectrum light. HPS bulbs have a higher light output than other types of bulbs, which makes them especially beneficial for growing plants indoors. They are also very energy efficient, so they can help to reduce your energy costs.

Additionally, HPS bulbs emit a large amount of red and blue wavelengths, which are beneficial for promoting photosynthesis and encouraging growth. With the benefits of HPS bulbs, you can help your plants to thrive, no matter where you are growing them.

  • Improve plant growth: Help you grow healthier, more vibrant plants.
  • Consistent performance: Regulate the power and ensure consistent performance.
  • Easy to install and maintain: Quickly set up and start using it right away.
  • Flexible and versatile: Suitable for use in a variety of different plant-growing environments.

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