Athena Cleanse

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Athena Cleanse, derived from a salt, is a versatile product that helps maintain a clean root zone and irrigation system. It’s made from Hypochlorous Acid, a plant-safe chemical ideal for root-zone optimization. It’s recommended for use with Athena Blended or Pro Line ranges and can be added to your nutrient schedule. It effectively descales your nutrient reservoir and irrigation system, decomposes organic and mineral buildups in the root zone, and maintains the balance of your nutrient solution.

Usage of Athena Cleanse:

  • System Maintenance: Apply 2-5ml per gallon to keep systems optimal. It breaks down scale and buildup in the system and root-zone. For severe conditions, increase the dose to 5-10ml per gallon.
  • Seedlings/Clones: Dip cuttings in a Cleanse solution (10ml per gallon) to boost immunity and cell health. Treated seeds and cuttings are more likely to grow into strong, healthy plants.
  • RDWC and Recirculating Hydroponics Systems: Treat water with Cleanse (2-10ml per gallon) to reduce risks associated with overwatering and poor oxygen levels. It keeps the system clean and prevents nutrient lockout.
  • Growing Media/System Flush: Add Cleanse (5-10ml per gallon) during the final flush stage to reduce residual mineral buildup. It can also be used anytime your system or medium develops a buildup or imbalance.
  • Surface Cleaning/Treatment: Clean grow room tools and areas with a Cleanse solution (375ml per gallon). It ensures a clean environment without harsh or toxic chemicals. The same dose can be flushed through your systems between grow cycles.

Athena Cleanse is available in 32oz and 1 Gallon bottles.

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