Athena Pro Mixing Kit

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This starter/mixing kit contains a 2lb bag of each Athena Pro Nutrient (core, grow and bloom) and the correct size mixing bottle to pre mix the concentrate before adding to your nutrient tank.

Makes mixing the correct amount of dry nutrient to the correct amount of water much easier, ensuring a consistent and optimal nutrient solution every time. This kit is perfect for beginners and experienced growers alike, providing everything you need for a successful grow. The Athena Pro Nutrient line is designed to support plant growth and health throughout all stages, from the initial vegetative phase through to the final bloom and harvest. The included mixing bottle features clear markings for accurate measurement, making it simple to create the perfect nutrient mix for your plants. With this starter/mixing kit, you can take the guesswork out of plant nutrition and focus on enjoying the growing process. Happy gardening! 🌱

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