NEW!!! Autopot 9mm Aquavalve

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New replacement Aquavalve for the autopot system in high flow 9mm, can also be placed into a garland tray by using the aquavalve cover (available separately) to bottom feed a number of pots on one large tray.


The Autopot system is incredibly adaptable and easy to use and can be used for as little as one pot and as many as you could imagine.

It requires no electricity and provides your plants with a constant supply of fresh water and nutrients using its patented Aquavalve system, the tray fills up to the perfect height for bottom fed plants and then waits for the plant to use all the water and even gives it a small dry spell that prevents overwatering before it fills back up again.

These systems are extremely popular for beginners and experts alike and are used extensively in some of the best garden in the country.


Setting the Autopot Aquavavle correctly is essential for the system to operate effectively, see the video below from Autopot on how set the aquavalve.



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