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If you hand water or use a drip sysem into pots of media whether its coco or hydro you need at least 10% run off. this either means having to remove the run off from individual saucers, or trays with multiple pots on. If you've done this for any amount of time you'll know how time consuming and messy this can be.

Other options for run off include constructing some sort of homebuilt run off trays above a lower reservoir that you empty every few days....or weeks....or.......

Basically it means you'll lose head height and have open tanks/trays of run off adding humidity to the air and promoting mould and other problems.


Or you could use these baseline tays.... simply connect to either 13mm or the recommended 25mm fittings and they will drain from each pot through the pipework and into a run-to-waste brain. The brain then pumps the waste to a separate reservoir that can even be outside your grow space, or if your lucky enough to have a low level drain let gravity take it away for you without the need for a brain unit.


Connect multiple Baseline Trays together all into one brain so only one tank to empty every few days rather than endless trays every day.


Less work! Save time! Better yields!


Available individually or as part of our drip systems, and drain to waste handfeed systems.


Versatile pot stands/trays with integrated drain hole, used in our run to waste dripper kits and great for building your own bespoke systems. These strong sturdy stands can be connected with either 13mm on 25mm fittings and attached via Iceline pipework to a run-to-waste brain to created a perfect solution for dealing with the run off from drip-fed and hand-watered plants.


At Critical Mass Systems we specialise in drip systems and can help you with any aspect of design, set up and maintenance of your own drip system. Come and have a chat with us and we are more than happy to go through a full design and consultation with you and get your irrigation automated so you have more time to spend on plant maintenance and can achieve your rooms full potential.


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