Big Bud Coco 5L

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Reap the bud-bulking benefits of Big Bud® — the world’s #1 bloom booster — without risking nutrient imbalances in your coco coir grow. Big Bud® Coco features a precisely dialed-in PK spike to strengthen and bulk floral structures, plus magnesium, two forms of calcium, and diversely chelated forms of iron to prevent nutrient leaching from the grow medium.

  • PK ratio is dialed in for completely compatibility with coco coir
  • Magnesium, calcium, and chelated forms of iron enable your plants to uptake the full range of micronutrients they need to thrive


Nutrient Solutions: Mix a new réservoir weekly.

Coco: Daily.

Other Substrates: 2-4 times/week as necessary.


Use 2 mL per Liter during weeks 2 through 4 of the bloom phase.

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