Biobizz Leaf Coat

Size: 5l
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Leaf Coat is a unique product from the bestselling organic nutrient providers Biobizz. It is a nutral latex based product that coats the leaf and limits transpiration in dry hot conditions and helps protect leaves in colder environments. Its ideal to use on plants coming out of a propagator or a high humidity veg room that could otherwise go into shock from the environment changing quickly.


Great as a weekly foliar spray to prevent pests and issues resulting from environmental changes.


Coating the leaves but still allowing the plant to breathe helps reduce pesticide usage and wont affect the taste of your produce as leaf coat is not absorbed by the leaves it simply degrades naturally under light and will last up to 2 weeks. Apply weekly for best results.


Leaf coat is ready to use straight from the bottle so dont add any water. For best results use a good quality sprayer.


Available in 1l and 5l bottles.


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