Biobizz All-Mix 50L

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This soil has long since been a mainstay for more growers than we would like to count. Its reliable, its good value and its a great organic soil always has been always will be.

with fairly high levels of organic fertlization included you can safely just give your plants water for 2 - 4 weeks with no feed, although we would recommend adding some extra additives to help get your plants off to a flyer! 


this is Biobizz's flagship soil and containing good amounts of black and white peat, sphagnum moss and their premix organic fertiliser, add to that perlite to aid aeration and you will struggle to find a better out of the bag solution for organic growing.

Before using any organic soil and certainly with Biobizz All-mix we recommend pre watering your pots before planting into them, this will activate the biological life in the soil which will help your newly planted specimens thrive from the off.

  • Organic
  • Easy
  • Pre fertilised


available in 20l and 50l bags enquire for pallet pricing.


Click the link below for the full Biobizz feeding schedule!

Biobizz Organic Nutrient Schedule





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