Biobizz Fish Mix

Size: 1L
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The same sweet sweet dutch sugarbeet extract as used in Biobizz Grow blended with the best fish emulsions from the North Sea create one powerful organic growth fertiliser, this can be used as a stand alone grow feed as an alternative to biobizz grow or as we recommend at Crtitcal Mass using it on an alternating basis with Biobizz Grow throughout the growth and early flowering phases then by week 3 of flower stop using it and carry on with Biobizz Grow (including the Bloom and Topmax and Bioheaven if being used).


This really is one of our favourite products in the biobizz range try it for yourself and thank us later.


Water in at 1ml/l for Biobizz All-Mix and at 2-4ml/l for Biobizz Light-Mix.



Click the link below for the full Biobizz feeding schedule!

Biobizz Organic Nutrient Schedule









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