Biobizz Light Mix 50L

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Biobizz's lighter version of All-Mix this is an ideal soil for propagating young plants or for growing plants with lower nutrient requirements.

Also some growers prefer to have the control of adding the nutrients themselves earlier compared to more heavily fertlised soils.

Like the Biobizz All-Mix this soil contains white and black peat, sphagnum and worm castings to create a lovely light soil with less of Biobizz's organic premix.

Again as with All-Mix watering in the soil lightly 24-36 hours before planting into helps to activate the biological life in the soil. This gives your plants the best possible start in one of the best available soils on the market.

See Biobizz nutrient schedule for the recommended nutrients and dosages to be used with this soil.

Available in 20l and 50l bags, pallet pricing available please enquire.


 Click the link below for the full Biobizz feeding schedule!

Biobizz Organic Nutrient Schedule








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