Biobizz Root Juice

Size: 1L
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Using a Root stimulant is a great way to get your plants established quickly and effectively and in turn deliver the results you want from them.


Organic growers use this seaweed and humic acid based root stimulant once and often never go back. Root Juice ensure your plant has a healthy strong root system quickly so it can absorb the maximum amount of nutrients and get off to a great start.


We feel a root stimulant is essesntial for the first few weeks of your plants cycle and also a great addition to your available inventory at home for any time your plants are going through a stressful period or a period of revival after such an event. Biobizz Root Juice will help them get back on track quickly.


Available in 250ml, 1l and 5l variants.


Click the link below for the full Biobizz feeding schedule!

Biobizz Organic Nutrient Schedule








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