Bubblegen V 1.0

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The Bubblegen V 1.0 connects to a water pump and allows for quiet aeration and mixing of the nutrient solution without any external noisy and often unreliable air pumps, it incorporates a dust and pollen air filter to clean the air being drawn into the reservoir.

You connect the water pump required, maxijet 500 or 1000 is recommended, to the pump attachment hose and use the suckers provided to attach to the bottom or side of your reservoir the air filter hose is attached to the correct inlet and then led up and out of the tank where the air filter is attached externally to the tank. fill your tank with water and nutrients if required then turn on the water pump it will mix the nutrients and draw fresh air in to cirulate and aerate your solution.

*can be adapted for use with existing pumps for chillers or DWC/NFT etc.


Check out this video on the Bubblegen for more info!




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