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If you’re cultivating high-value plants and looking to optimize your resources, including electricity, lighting, and nutrients, while simultaneously boosting your yield per watt, then you’ll be thrilled with this breakthrough.

A scientifically engineered method now exists to significantly enhance the productivity of each hour of your harvest cycle.


  • It safeguards your plants and minimizes crop losses
  • It amplifies the number of bloom sites on your plants
  • It compels these blooming sites to produce larger, denser, and more succulent buds
  • It enables you to achieve larger, heavier harvests more quickly and frequently
  • It incorporates bloom-triggering kelp extracts. These compounds are powerful enhancers of bud growth - they increase the size, weight, and quality of flowers and buds by activating your plant’s regulatory systems and compelling them to yield larger, heavier harvests.
  • You achieve more robust roots and more flavorful, aromatic buds

HOW IT FUNCTIONS: Bud Blood Bloom Stimulator comprises a unique blend of specialized hydroponics components specifically formulated by scientists who have conducted extensive research into floral promotion and development. This comprehensive research has enabled these scientists to identify precisely what stimulates floral development and blooming in our types of plants, and they have applied this proprietary knowledge in the formulation of BUD BLOOD.

As Bud Blood incorporates superior forms and ideal ratios of potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, and other key bloom-boosting ingredients, it provides your plants with exactly what they need to not only produce larger, more abundant buds but also to expedite your crops into their flowering phase and get you to a valuable harvest as swiftly as possible.


  • It is only used during the initial transition when you switch your plants from early growth to bloom phase.
  • The product integrates seamlessly with your base fertilizer and any other additives you are using
  • Compatible with all hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir, and soil growing mediums.
  • Formulated for use with all hydroponics, aeroponic, drip irrigation, and NFT systems So, regardless of the feeding program you’re providing your plants and the type of cultivation you’re undertaking, you can always rely on Bud Blood Bloom Stimulator to deliver larger, juicier buds more quickly and bring you to a valuable harvest sooner.

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