Budbox Lite 2m x 2m Digital Tent Kit

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This awesome 2m x 2m tent kit features the top quality Budbox Lite 2m x 2m tent and 4 x Loadstar 600w digital lighting kits. Extraction is courtesy of the ever reliable Maxibright Tube Fan and Flower carbon filter. It includes everything you need including rope ratchets for hanging the lights and a 4 way Maxiswitch timer contactor.


Budbox Lite - dont let the name fool you these tents are stronger than most on the market they feature 16mm or 19mm poles and heavy duty metal corners on sizes 150x300 and 200x200 and bigger. Lined with silver mylar reflective material they provide a great environment for your favourite plants.


  • Double stitched seams
  • Passive vent screens
  • Waterproof drip tray
  • Double cuffed vents


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