Budbox Pro 1.5mx1.5m Tent Kit

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Complete grow tent kit including a 150mm Maxibright Tube Fan extraction systems, 2 x Loadstar 600w digital lighting kits including rope ratchet hangers and 2 timers.


Budbox Pro XL 1.5mx1.5mTent- For the serious grower who demands the absolute best, lined with a highly reflective white material that reflects more of the full spectrum your lights provide and runs cooler than its silver counterpart. Featuring massive 25mm poles and strong metal corners you can hang the biggest filters safe in the knowledge they will be ok.


  • Highest PAR reflectivity in the industry
  • Double stiched seams
  • Waterproof drip tray
  • Double cuffed vents
  • Hanging straps included
  • Access doors
  • Green viewing windows
  • Unzips all the way round
  • Uplifted irrigation bar


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