Vitalink Buddy

Size: 250ml
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Vitalink Buddy is a highly effective and concentrated flowering booster that gives you a healthy and heavy yield. It increases the potassium to nitrogen ration in your solution, which accelerates your plant's reproductive processes and diverts energy to the flowers/fruits. Vitalink Buddy also ensures an optimum level of potassium and magnesium within the root zone. This is scientifically proven to deliver maximum flowering and fruiting. 

Vitalink Buddy is also packed full of phosphorus, which your plant needs a high dose of during flowering. Most brands supply phosphorus as phosphate only. Vitalink Buddy supplies it as a delicate ratio of phosphite and phosphate, which promotes superior plant results because it is absorbed much more easily than phospate, and at a wider PH Range too. Phosphite is also scientifically proven to prevent plant disease, such as Pythium and Phytophthora by stimulating your plant's own pathogen defence mechanisms. 

A constant best-seller for use at between 0.5-1ml/per Litre of solution on the 21st day of flowering and with every feed thereafter, until flush. 


Watch the following video from the creators of Vitalink Buddy for more info!


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