Budget Mixed Flow Filter kit 125mm (5 inch)

Sale price£74.95


Incredibly priced carbon filter kits including the WhispAir mixed flow inline fans, a budget carbon filter from Flower Filters, 5m of combi ducting and 3 duct clips.


These fans dont have the pressure to cope with long runs of ducting like the Maxibright Tube Fans or the silenced fans we sell but they are ideal for small ducting runs such as small tent set ups or when you dont need as much air exchange if your using low heat lights like LED or flourescent lighting. Theyre also a lot quieter than more powerful fans.


Each fan features 2 speeds which are selected by a flick of the switch situated on the fan itself, ideal for slowing airflow during lights out or in winter etc.


Contact us for advice on the best ventilation set up for your grow space.

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