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Canna Calmag Agent is a special concentrate for buffering soft water and nitrogen hungry plants or substrates. If you live in a soft water area (if the EC of your tap water is less than 0.4) then Calmag Agent will help you bring your water up to what Canna consider normal, or optimal, for use with their products. They state that their UK nutrients are designed to be used with water that has a base EC of 0.4 – 0.7 – this is the background EC range that will give the best results when using their nutrients.


Canna Calmag can also be used to give RO water a decent buffer level and bring the water back up to a point where using the standard Canna Nutrients are possible, without this buffering the pH of the solution will be very hard to control.


Use Canna Calmag for anytime you would use a Cal-Mag product, including correcting deficiences, mineral feed soil and coco growing and LED growing.



Available in 1l, 5l and 10l.


Click the following link for all of the Canna feeding schedules available to download:

Canna Nutrients Feeding Schedules




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