Cell Max Grow Cubes

Size: 125l pack
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These tiny rockwool cubes (approx 1cm) can be used in a variety of ways they can be used alone as a hydroponic media in pots and containers. They are perfect for use in drip systems or flood and drain systems. or mixed with clay pebbles for a more free draining media for reciculating drippers and flood and drain systems.


Pre soak in a low strength nutrient and root stimulant at a pH value of around 5.3-5.5, the rockwool will raise the pH levels. allow pots to drain before planting into.


Rockwool is the perfect hydroponic media for run-to-waste drip systems and the high air to water ratio of cellmax cubes allow for maximum nutrient absorption and outstandingly fast growth and bumper yields. 


At Critical Mass Systems we specialise in drip systems and can help you with any aspect of design, set up and maintenance of your own drip system. Come and have a chat with us and we are more than happy to go through a full design and consultation with you and get your irrigation automated so you have more time to spend on plant maintenance and can achieve your rooms full potential.



Available in 20l and 90l bags.

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