Fox Farm Cha Ching

Amount: 450G (1LB)
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Cha Ching® is a product designed by FoxFarm with the aim of optimizing a plant’s yield. It understands that each phase of the growth cycle requires perfect nutrition. Cha Ching is a high-phosphorus, pH balanced fertilizer that is concentrated and won’t leave a salty residue or accumulate in the soil. Included in the pack is a micronutrient pack, a feature FoxFarm is renowned for.

Cha Ching is specifically designed to enhance the production of essential oils and heavy resins in fruits, buds, and flowers. It encompasses all the vital elements necessary to foster succulent fruit on compact, sturdy plants, resulting in a concentrated flavor and ideal texture.


Initiate with Open Sesame® during the fifth or sixth week of a plant’s lifespan. Once the bud set commences, nourish with Beastie Bloomz® for a duration of two weeks. After the flowers have fully formed, transition to Cha Ching and continue until harvest. Nourish with every alternate watering.

Powdered feeds are more concentrated compared to their liquid counterparts. Consequently, they occupy less space and are lighter in weight.

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