Ecothrive Coco Lite 70/30 Mix 50L

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Only £13.95 instore! Bulk pricing even cheaper!


70% coco 30% perlite mix with added charge! The best 70/30 mix available, directly from the UKs best media supplier!

This ratio of coco to perlite is perfect for hand feeding in pots or using drippers in pots, it allows for a more aerated media and can stop overwatering.


The additon of the ever popular Charge from Ecothrive makes this media a hands down winner in terms of a coco option for us, lightly water in the day before you pot into to activate the charge within and give your plants the best possible start.


* For faster rooting and less transplant shock water in with Ecothrive Biosys and use weekly throughout the entire crop cycle.


Come and talk to us for very competitive bulk pricing!



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