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ControlLED LED Control Unit Controls Satellite & Spectro-Tech LED fixtures and infill bars the unit is Compatible with both ControlLED fixtures and most other LED fixtures on the market. the controller is both touch screen an WIFI ready and can be bought with a sensor that measures




the on screen display will let you know all the information that is necessary to properly control all your environmental factors, including what spectrum your lights are outputting.

The main features are as follows when used with the satellite fixture;_


this allows the user to set the fixture/s to turn on for a predetermined period after the UVA/FAR red bars come on.

sunrise period Example

The sunrise period starts at 8am and continues for a predetermined time (max 1 hour 40minutes) until the fixture is on at full capacity, the UVA/FAR red bars would ignite at full capacity at the start period 8am, this is because the infill bars can not be dimmed, they are either on or off. The full fixture would turn on at 8am and increase in wattage evenly through the predetermined time until they are up to the intensity set on the controller.

sunset period

this is the same as the sunrise period where the user would set a time for the main fixture to start dimming leaving the infill bars on. At the finish time both the main fixture and the infill bars will go off

Benefits of sunrise and sunset


reduces plant stressreduces spikes of humidity in sunsetincreased plant metabolismgreater yields


Independent near RED 680nm control

This setting only works when controlling the ControlLed Satellite LED fixture. This functionality allows your plants to grow under a predominately blue light, it allows the user to independently increase the near red diodes as the plant moves though its cycle into the flowering stages.

Auto dim

this coms in very useful in hotter periods of the year when grow room temps are hotter than usual. the user can set the temperature at which the lights start dimming. The lights will dim until the room temperature is stable allowing the lights to turn up in intensity.

Room /Room B settings this enables the user to run two rooms independently of each other off one controller

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