Control Freak Dynamic Frequency Controller

Size: 3amp
Sale price£269.95


These top quality fan controllers brings EC style fan control to AC fans, allowing precise control and multple fan settings. Super silent control with no buzzing from fans, control both inlet and exhaust fans simultaneously and accurately with this easy to use controller that can be used manually or in automatic mode to automatically adjust the speed of your ventilation fans according to the temperature of the air in your grow space.

Simply plug your ventilation fans into the sockets provided set the mimiumum and maximum speed setting and the temperature required and the fans will increase or decrease speed as needed to maintain temperature. Set the bandwith to adjust how quickly your fans react to temperature changes in the room - preventing the constant, unnecessary ramping up and down of fans. 


Ideal for use with the impressive Isomax Acoustic Fans or the Maxibright tube fan and all fans in our filtration kits.


External temperature probe.

1.5m power cable.

Set fans from 10%-100% - 90 different speeds.

Plug n play design.

Easy to use.

Available in 3A and 7A versions to suit most fan sizes.

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