Cultiwool Huge Block 6 inch

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Cultiwool Growing Blocks are a type of growing medium made from rockwool fibres that have been compressed into a block shape. They’re commonly used in hydroponic systems and soilless growing for starting seeds or growing self contained plants.

Cultiwool Blocks are available in various sizes. The compressed block is lightweight and can be easily rehydrated by soaking it in water before use. Once the block is hydrated, it expands and becomes a fluffy, loose growing medium that provides good drainage and aeration.

The fibres in Cultiwool Blocks provide a large surface area for roots to grow and spread, which promotes healthy plant growth. They also help to retain water and nutrients, which can be beneficial in hydroponic systems where the nutrient solution is recirculated or run to waste.

Cultiwool Blocks are sterile and free of pests and diseases, which helps prevent contamination and ensures a clean growing environment. They can be used on their own or in combination with other growing media, depending on the specific growing requirements of the plants being grown.

The Blocks are provided with drain grooves on the bottom to improve water flow under the Block. This is useful when the Blocks are placed on cultivation tables and concrete floors, as it limits contact with the ground. This helps to avoid bringing diseases in to the plant.

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