CX Horticulture Tanlin 20ml

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Tanlin is a completely safe non-toxic treatment for Sciarid Fly (Fungus Gnats) it is added to the rootzone alongside your nutrient and has a very high dilutuion rate making it ideal for using as a preventative to stop these root munching grow room pests becoming an issue.

Use just 2 drops per litre when hand feeding soil or coco or 40 drops (1ml) per 100l of nutrient solution for hydroponic or drip irrigation systems.


  • Extremely concentrated – 1 ml makes 100 liters. One 20 ml bottle makes 2000 liters.
  • Safe to use with any nutrient regiment.
  • Will not affect beneficial microorganisms.
  • Non-toxic and completely inert; does not interact with the plant in any way.
  • Tanlin, like all other CX Horticulture products, is designed specifically for consumable crops.
  • Tanlin is plant, pet and people safe.




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