Cyclone Floor Fans

Size: 18"
Sale price£69.99


Floor fans help to mix the air in the room and provide good airflow for your plants, cool air can collect at the bottom of your room which can slow growth by creating a cooler rootzone, also mixing this cool air upwards can help cool the hotter air above your plants creating a more even growing environment.

The Cyclone fan is made of strong metal and comes in 16 and 18-inch sizes. Giving lots of air to your plants, It has a fast motor and special fan blades to make a strong air flow and keep your plants cool, even in hot weather.

But the Cyclone is not only tough; it's also clever. You can change how fast the fan goes and which way it points to match what your plants need. It's not loud either, so you can have a powerful fan without a noisy sound.

Availbale in 2 sizes - 16" & 18" versions.

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