Digital Temp & Humidity Meter

Type: HTC-2
Sale price£9.95


Accurate digital temperature and humidity reading including a 1.5m probe.

Knowing you have a good environment is vital to growing healthy productive plants including knowing what happened between the times you can see your thermometer, this thermo-hygrometer saves the high and low temperature and humidity readings between each reset so you know how much your environment has changed since you last reset it.

Humidity is just as important as temperature for the health of your plants and the relationship between the two is very closely linked.

Knowing the lowest temperature that occured in the dark period when you dont want to disturb the plants light cycle by going in to check, is really important as you know when to add more heat to your grow space which is inevitable in every space at some point in the year.

*Includes battery and 1.5m probe.



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