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Dio-Tech 830W LED - The Perfect Lighting Solution For Your Plants

Introducing the revolutionary Dio-Tech 830W LED, the perfect lighting solution for your plants. Featuring a 2.9 micromole efficiency, increased red diodes aimed at fruiting plants for higher flowering efficiency, and 4 pre-set light spectrums, this LED is guaranteed to give you the best results possible.

With its powerful lighting capability, it can easily replace and outperform existing HID lighting. In addition, the Dio-Tech 830W LED also has an auto-dimming LCD display panel to show settings and outputs, a built-in timer control, dimmable lighting with a range from 10% to 100%, a Red button for easy spectrum switching, and a sleek foldable design to fit into small spaces.

All this plus a comprehensive user manual to help you transition from HPS to LED lighting. Get the best out of your plants with the Dio-Tech 830W LED.

The Dio-Tech range from ControlLED consists of:

  • Dio-Tech 830w Master Unit
  • Dio-Tech 830w Slave Unit
  • Dio-Tech 100w FR+UV-A Bar


* Buy your Dio-Tech 830W LED from Critical Mass Systems and qualify for our free UK delivery. We also offer a price-match guarantee – if you find a cheaper deal, we’ll beat it!

Key Features of the Dio-Tech 830W LED

ControlLED's Dio-Tech 830W LED is the ultimate all-in-one adjustable spectrum LED, providing unbeatable efficiency and ergonomics. Featuring Osram chips, an Auto Dimming LCD Display panel and a built-in timer control, this powerful LED is designed to replace and outperform existing HID lighting. Tailored light recipes to give your garden the optimal spectrum at every stage of the plant's growth cycle Maximise your garden's potential with ControlLED's Dio-Tech 830W LED and get the most out of your plants.

Key features:

  • 2.9 micromole efficiency
  • Increased Red diodes aimed at fruiting plants for higher flowering efficiency
  • 4 pre-set light spectrums
  • Controls up to 49 Satellite fixtures
  • No timer, contactor or relay needed
  • Built-in timer control and easy-to-use timer knob in 6/12/14/16/18 Hour intervals
  • Dimmable lighting with a built-in dimmer knob ranging from 10% to 100% dimming
  • Red button (F1 Spectrum Switch) to easily switch between the V1 & F1 spectrum
  • Sleek foldable design to help fit into small spaces
  • Comes with high quality easy to set up metal hanging harness & rope ratchets
  • Comprehensive user manual helping to transition from growing with HPS to LED
  • 2.7 umol/J (Using input power 830w)
  • 3 Year Warranty Included
  • RoHS passed/approved
  • CE compliant
  • 830w LED
  • Choice of modes for Veg & Flower Spectrum

Using the Dio-Tech 830w LED Slave Unit

The Dio-Tech 830w LED Slave Unit is a powerful and ergonomic growing tool combining top-end Osram chips with a simple-to-understand LCD display for effortless control. This slave unit can be used stand-alone or as part of a system of up to 49 units controlled by the master fixture. While not connected to a master unit, the slave unit will switch on in F1 spectrum at 830w to give a larger spike of red.

Control up to 49 Slave Units with the Dio-Tech 830w LED Master Unit

The Dio-Tech Slave Unit is the perfect addition to the master unit, allowing you to connect up to 49 slave units with the supplied cables. The in-built controller on the master unit provides effortless control of all the daisy-chained slave units at the touch of a button. Each light connected to the master unit will precisely reproduce the spectrum and timing conditions that the master is running.

The Slave is capable of the following spectrums:

  • V1 – Vegetative Spectrum
  • F1 – Flowering Spectrum
  • V1 UVA/FR - Vegetative Spectrum (with Enhanced UVA/FR bars) - sold separately
  • F1 UVA/FR - Flowering Spectrum (with Enhanced UVA/FR bars) - sold separately


Note: this LED fixture must be plugged into either the Dio-Tech Master unit or the Dio-Tech Remote Controller to function with all available options. This unit will start up in the F1- Flowering spectrum without the use of a Dio-Tech Controller.

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