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Ultimate Lighting Control with Dio-Tech 830W LEDs

If you’re after complete grow room lighting control at the touch of a button then the Dio-Tech 830W LEDs are your best bet. ControlLED have joined forces with Dio-Tech to combine high-quality Osram Chips with an intuitive built-in LCD control panel, giving you an indoor grow light system that’s both easy to use and hugely effective.


Key features of the Dio-Tech 830W LEDs:

  • An all-in-one LED lighting fixture with an adjustable light spectrum.
  • One Dio-Tech master unit can control up to 49 slave lighting fixtures.
  • Includes 3 pre-set light spectrums to suit each stage of your crop cycle.
  • Built-in adjustable lighting options ranging from 30% to 100% dimming.
  • The Built-in timer control gives you 6/12/14/18 lighting cycle options.


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What’s in the Box?

  • Dio-Tech 830w Master Unit
  • Dio-Tech 830w Slave Unit
  • Dio-Tech 100w FR+UV-A Bar

Dio-Tech 830w Master Unit Product Information

Dio-Tech 830w Master Unit gives you total control over the light spectrum and timing of your cycles for up to 49 individual slave units. Its easy-to-use LED screen provides information on real-time power consumption and lets you dim the lights to suit your plants’ needs.

The master unit also makes it easy for indoor growers to switch between vegetative and flowering lighting spectrums without the need for external timers or controls.

And, its three pre-set light spectrums, V1 for veg, F1 for flower and F1 plus for UVA and Far Red, ensure that all changes to your lighting set-up are swiftly applied to all slave units.

Put simply, the Dio-tech 830w LED Master Unit gives you ultimate control over your indoor lighting set-up.

Dio-Tech 830w Slave Unit Product Information

Getting the most from your indoor lighting unit is important to the quality and quantity of your crop. The Dio-tech 830w LED Slave Unit consists of top-end Orsram chips that deliver a full spectrum of light to your plants to ensure they receive all the light they need to thrive and stay healthy.

The lightweight design makes it easy to install and can be used alone or as part of a daisy-chained lighting run of up to 49 slaves – perfect for large grow environments where ultimate control is required.

All lights that are connected to the master unit are instantly controllable at the touch of a few buttons, reproducing the spectrum and timing settings you choose.

When not connected to the master unit, the Dio-tech 830w Slave Unit will automatically start-up in the F1 lighting spectrum, giving larger red spikes.

And, the slave is also capable of providing the following light spectrums:

  • V1: Vegetative Spectrum
  • F1: Flowering Spectrum
  • V1 UVA/FR: Vegetative Spectrum (separate enhanced UVA/FR bars required)
  • F1 UVA/FR: Flowering Spectrum (separate enhanced UVA/FR bars required)


Dio-Tech 830w LED Tech Spec

  • 2.7 umol/J (Using input power 830w)
  • 3 Year Warranty Included
  • RoHS passed/approved
  • CE compliant
  • 830w LED
  • Choice of modes for Veg & Flower Spectrums


Check out our blog on Growing with LED lighting for more information.


Why switch to LED lighting?

There are many good reasons why indoor growers are making the move from HID to Dio-Tech LEDs lighting systems.

Energy Saving: Dio-Tech 830w LED systems can help growers make big savings on energy bills and generate more yield per kWh.

Plant Performance: More often than not, growers using LED lighting experience both an increase in yields and more consistent medicinal product profiles.

Low Maintenance: Dio-Tech 830w LED chips literally last for years, saving you hundreds on new lamps.

Safety: Dio-Tech 830w LED drivers are CE certified, LVD and EMC complainant and include full circuit and temperature protection.

Flexible lighting: The Dio-Tech 830w LED systems feature adjustable PPF levels, making them perfect for accommodating various growth stages of your crop without losing efficiency.

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