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Ecothrive Biosys contains a unique formulation of beneficial microbes, fungi and plant growth stimulants. It's a fully soluable powder that takes root innoculation to a whole new level. This premium blend is what we call a 'instant microbe tea' - that doesn't require aeration! Biosys provides all the activity your plant needs without any of the hard work. It improves root function, nutrient and water availability, disease prevention, plant health and speeds up the break down of organic matter! These include:

- 8 Species of Endo Mychorrizal Fungi

- 2 Species of Tricoderma

- 2 Species of Nitrogen-fixing Bacteria

- 8 Species of Bacillus

- 2 Species of Psuedomonas


Biosys also contains plant growth stimulants and biological cataylsts that help to maintain and grow the overall microbial population. Working symbiotically with your plant, Biosys is the full package - Dormant Biology and the food sources to sustain them all-in-one! These include amino acids, proteins, enzymes, carbs and seaweed extracts that will unlock the biological potential of your substrate. Whether you are in soil, coco or most importantly inert substrates, Ecothrive Biosys is the ready made support structure your plant wants to thrive! 

Prime time for use is anytime you are looking to populate or re-populate your growing media. Cuttings, established plants and those that need that extra care are ideal candidates, but a weekly measure to maintain overall plant health and top up the benefical microbes and fungi with regular food sources, is the perfect way to feed both your plants, and the soil too!  Apply as as a root drench either for:

Propagation/Cube Soaking - 1g per Litre. Apply before nutrition and mix well, until dissolved

Established Plants - 0.5g per litre. Once a week. Apply before nutrition, and maintain an EC below 1.5.

Stress Relief - 1g per litre, with a half strength base nutrient.

Always ensure good runoff when watering, and maintaining an EC of 1.5 or below will provide optimum conditions for microbes whilst in solution. Use in conjuction with a Chlorine filter, Reverse Osmosis Water, or a de-chlorination product such as Ecothrive Neutralise, to protect both the plants and the soil from the harmful effects of chlorine. Prepare and use within the same day. 

Avavilable in 10g, 50g & 250g tubs


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